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Practice Communication Policy


Phone Calls

Kendal Street Medical Services (KSMS) adheres to strict guidelines for doctors receiving and returning phone calls to and from patients in relation to their clinical care.


It is the policy of the Kendal Street Medical Services that patient phone calls are not transferred through to the doctors during consultations. If a patient/caller needs to speak with the Doctor, KSMS staff adhere to a triage policy to determine what action needs to be taken. It may be necessary for us to identify further details regarding your situation in order to determine the appropriate course of action.  

In the event of a medical emergency, if appropriate, staff will advise the caller to call an Ambulance or present to the Cowra District Hospital Emergency Department on Liverpool Street Cowra.

Staff can request your GP to return a call to you at their earliest convenience, however staff cannot guarantee the timing of this. Your GP may also determine that it is more appropriate for you to present to the surgery. If your matter is urgent, patients should either book an appointment or phone and ambulance or present to the Emergency Department at Cowra.


It may be necessary for Doctors to take phone calls from Hospitals or other Medical Practitioners during the time of your consultation, it may be necessary for your GP to leave your consultation to do so. 


Correspondence and other electronic information such as pathology results and specialist letters are transmitted over public networks in an encrypted format using secure messaging PKI software. These may also be transmitted via facsimile (Fax). All faxes containing confidential information are sent to fax number after ensuring the recipient is the designated receiver. The practice uses a disclaimer notice on outgoing faxes that affiliates with the practice. Facsimile and other electronic communication devices in the practice are located in areas that are only accessible to the practice staff. 

Emails sent outside of the practice network are un-secure as they are sent outside the practice's secure network. Patient information may only be sent via email if; the patient has provided their consent, to do so and if the information is sent in a password protected zip file. Emails will only be sent via a verified email address with documents password protected. 


Management of Health Information

Kendal Street Medical Services is committed to providing quality health care for its patients. As a fundamental part of this commitment, principals and staff of this practice recognise the importance of ensuring that our patients are fully informed and involved in their health care. The Practice's policy for managing health information can be obtained in full from the practice. Please speak with reception staff to obtain a copy. 



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