COVID-19 Practice Policy & Procedure

Updated: 11/02/2020


Image Source: NSW Health

If you are unsure about whether to isolate or not - please phone the Public Health Unit for individual advice - 1800 020 080

Please click on the link below for the latest list  of COVID - 19 Locations for NSW -

Source: NSW Health

In compliance with NSW Health guidelines and recommendations and for the safety of patients' and practice staff members, Kendal Street Medical Services have implemented new practice policy and procedures with regards to COVID-19. 

The practice requests that patients read these guidelines prior to arranging their appointment at the practice. 

​It is the policy of Kendal Street Medical Services that:

  • Patients must not enter the practice without speaking with a practice staff member prior

  • Patients who have been overseas within the last 3 weeks shall not enter the practice.

  • Patients must inform staff if they have been travelling to a listed hotspot (see NSW Health Link above) travelling overseas, have been in contact with a suspected or confirmed case of COVID-19, experience respiratory symptoms, cough, fever/temperature, difficulty breathing or any flu like symptoms, .

  • Patients must inform practice staff if they have returned from interstate travel any of the current Covid-19 Hotspots, (Please see the NSW Health link above for the latest updates & areas or check the NSW Health Website) or been in contact with anyone that has returned from those areas, as they are listed by NSW Health. 


  • Patients who have; recently returned from overseas, or are experiencing respiratory symptoms, cough, fever/temperature, difficulty breathing or any flu like symptoms, been in contact with a suspected or confirmed case, have travelled to Covid-19 hotspots or been in contact with anyone that has, will be treated in a separate respiratory clinic or via telephone consult.
    - Patients are required to phone the practice on 63411400 and speak with reception to be given further instructions on Respiratory Clinic Procedures. 
    - Patient's will be requested to wait in the car park in their cars and will be phoned on their mobile when it is time for your appointment. 
    - The respiratory has a completely separate entrance to the practice, away from the main entry and other patients.


  • Patients will be seated 1.5m apart in the waiting room and must maintain this distance when waiting to be served by reception. 
    - if there are no spare seats in the waiting room patients will be asked to wait in their car & will be phoned when the doctor or nurse is ready to see the patient or when seats become available in the waiting room.


This system has been set up to keep YOU and our staff safe. 

The practice is working hard to provide the highest quality service and to prevent as people people going to hospital as possible if they do not require admission. 

This is a very stressful time for everyone, our staff are experiencing a larger volume of calls than usual. Please be patient with out staff and stay calm.