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Transfer of Records

Transferring Records to Cowra Medical Associates

Patient's wishing to transfer the records from another practice to the Cowra Medical Associates may fill out the form below. Please note, there may be costs involved in transferring your records, please liaise with your previous practice in relation to these costs. 

               Transfer of Records Request (TO)

Transferring Records To Another Practice 

Patient's wanting to transfer their records from Cowra Medical Associates to another practice must either fill out & sign a "Transfer Of Records Request" at their new practice to be faxed to Cowra Medical Associates. 

Please note: A cost of $50 per file, or $120 for a family of 4, is required prior to sending your medical records. The practice is able to send a 'Health Summary' to your new practice if you do not require your entire file to be transferred. Please contact the practice for payment options. 


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